Employment Opportunities

Insta-Gator Ranch is always looking for hard working positive people that enjoy working with children from 2 to 92. We have groups from Pre-K Schools to Retirement Communities. We do company picnics, birthday parties and simple family outings. All of our visitors have one thing in common. They are looking forward to an exciting and entertaining adventure into the life of the American Alligator. They quickly find out that it is an educational adventure, that they will remember for a lifetime. It is up to our employees to always remember that it is the alligators that bring our visitors, but the employees that make the trip unforgettable and cause our guests to return again and again.

Tour Guides

are expected to be animated and entertaining for the full length of a 1 hr tour. They must be strong enough to catch and hold on to a 4 ft alligator weighing about 20 lbs for 15 minutes. They do not need any knowledge of the alligator or any experience in catching them as this will all be taught. A tour guide cannot be shy and reserved. Though these traits will endear you to the owner, they will not work well in front of a group of as many as 60 people.

Full time Tour Guides/ Wranglers need to be anxious and willing to do anything required for the success of Insta-Gator Ranch. This will certainly include a lot of fun and exciting tasks from harvesting eggs from the momma s nest found in the marshes of Louisiana to returning 3 -5 foot alligators back to the marsh. But don t forget, we are a ranch. This means we need help maintaining the grounds, the facilities, the alligators and yes, even the restrooms. Insta-Gator Ranch is open on weekends , therefore full time employees will be asked to work some weekends.

Gift Shop Personnel

are the first people to greet our customers. They will be expected to answer questions about our tour both on the phone and in person. A willingness to visit with our customers is essential. Catching alligators is not a requirement, but a willingness to hold a 1 foot baby or a 4 footer for people to see up close and touch is an asset. All our Gift Shop personnel are reliable, customer service oriented, computer literate, cheerful professionals. 

We are currently looking to employ full time Tour Guides.

We are currently looking to employ a full time Gift Shop Assistant.

We are open all year around but have peak times of the week, as well as peak seasons. For that reason, we are always looking to fill certain days throughout the year with additional part-time help.

  • We are currently looking to employ part time Tour Guides.
  • We are currently looking to employ a full time Gift Shop Assisiant.