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These are our alligators! Buy direct from the source. Our ranch raised, Louisiana alligator leather products are the finest alligator leather in the world. Twelve out of every one hundred alligators we grow to four feet, we release into the marsh. For that reason, the number of alligators in Louisiana has increased from about 150,000 in the 1960's to over 3 million today. The more alligators people consume, the more alligators are released into the wild. This is the greatest animal conservation and management program of all time!" Read more at . By making an alligator leather purchase today at , you make a statement of support for those who dedicate their lives to the wetlands of Louisiana, and who make it their life's mission to preserve this most noble and historic of all creatures.

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We will accept returns within thirty (30) days from date on receipt of new, unused, unaltered products in original packaging, with all original packaging material for any reason.  We cannot accept exchanges or returns for customized or special order items.  All returns must include a Return Authorization Number, which may be obtained by calling Insta-Gator Ranch (985) 892-3669 or e-mailing

A special note to our international customers. Please call or email the ranch before placing your order to find out appropriate shipping charges.