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Alligator Tours | Insta-Gator Ranch & Hatchery

Combining Education with Entertainment

Insta-Gator Ranch is the most informative and interactive alligator tour in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area. You’ll meet hundreds of alligators from babies to 8 footers while learning the all about the king of the marsh and how Insta-Gator Ranch’s conservation efforts protect these beautiful creatures.

During your guided tour, you will be able to touch or pet alligators, but don’t stop there. You also have the opportunity to feed ‘em, catch ’em, and, from August to September, you can even hatch ’em!

Individual Tours

1-24 People

See hundreds of alligators of various ages and sizes swimming in crystal clear water. From protected walkways, you’ll be able to see gators above and below the surface of the water. At the end of your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to hold a gator and have your photo taken, and catch ’em in our tabletop catch pools.

Discover the vital role that this ancient resident has played in Louisiana’s colorful, Cajun heritage and learn how Louisianians have become world leaders in the Alligator Protection Program.

Guided Tours

Let us take you back to the days of the dinosaurs, where the journey of the American Alligator began. You’ll learn how the Alligator Conservation Program has become a world-renowned conservation effort and even see firsthand what an Alligator nest looks like.

Your guide will take you through our temperature-controlled Alligator barns, where you’ll have the opportunity to feed alligators! You’ll learn what caused alligators to become an endangered species and what Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries did in collaboration with alligator ranchers to make our conservation program a world-renowned success story.

Alligator Hatching

Your experience will start with a 5-10 minute explanation of how to assist your Baby Alligator out of his or her egg. Once you have helped your baby alligator out of its egg, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know them and take ’em for their first swim.

If you would like to include a tour before or after your hatching, a separate booking is required.

Alligator Eggs begin hatching around August 8 and end around September 6. Hatching is subject to Mother Nature; if eggs do not hatch on the date that you select, we will reschedule your reservation or refund your deposit in full. Anyone wishing to join an egg hatching customer in the hatchery will pay $19.99 to watch or assist and should reserve their entry fee at time of making Hatching Reservation, due to limited space.

Bring the Fun to You

Check Out Gators-to-Geaux Where We Bring the Alligators to You

Group Tours

25+ People

For group tours, Insta-Gator requires booking in advance to ensure that every person in your group gets time at all stations of Insta-Gator Ranch. Our tours are entertaining for all ages from Pre-K to grandparents, and everyone. Your guests will be talking about their experiences for years to come. We guarantee it! 

For larger groups, our tour times become more flexible. If your group contains more than 70 people, they are divided into separate tours, each additional tour adding 45 minutes to your total visit time. We hold your tour without a deposit for 72 hours while you work out the details. We understand that your originally booked tour numbers are an estimate and may change. You will be responsible for 75% of your estimate, and if your numbers increase, we must be notified immediately and cannot guarantee space for additional numbers.

School Field Trips

Insta-Gator Ranch is all about combining education and entertainment. Our tours are adjustable, making them interesting for all ages from Pre-K to College students.
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Birthday Parties

Along with feeding, holding, and catching alligators, we offer use of our picnic area and soccer field, cake, and even an invitation template for your birthday party.
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Corporate Events

Insta-Gator Ranch's alligators are a hit with all ages. Your guests will have the opportunity to see, touch, catch and learn about the American Alligator.
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At the start of your guided tour, we’ll start you off gently by introducing you to Li’l Red Bean, one of our baby hatchlings. red Bean loves being pet and will show you the inside of his mouth and all of his teeth. Don’t reach out until we hold that little snapper’s mouth shut. Later, you will have the opportunity to feed the bigger alligators and even touch their teeth! Don’t worry- the fun doesn’t end there! You’ll also have the opportunity to hold ’em and even catch ’em if you’re more adventurous. From August to September, you can even hatch a baby alligator in your hands!