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Frequently Asked Questions

Gators-to-Geaux is a program where we bring the alligators and fun of Insta-Gator Ranch to you. We offer customizable packages to fit your event type perfectly. Gators-to-Geaux is enjoyable for any event. 

Alligator hatching normally begins August 8th and ends around September 6th. The experience starts with a 5-10 minute explanation of how to assist your Baby Alligator out of his or her egg. Then, you’ll be shown the hatchery where you’ll help your baby out into the world. Once you have hatched your alligator, you may play with your baby as long as you like and take your baby for their 1st swim in a table top pool. Check out our Alligator Hatching page to learn more.

Our alligators would never miss a birthday party! With Insta-Gator, you can host your birthday party at the ranch or bring the snappin’ good time to you with our Gators-to-Geaux program! To learn more, check out our Birthday Parties page.

Ready for a one-of-a-kind experience? Insta-Gator Ranch tours will teach you all about the history of the American Alligator, the Alligator Protection Program, and how Insta-Gator Ranch helps alligators in the wild. Our tours are priced as follows:

12 Years & Under: 13$
13 Years & Up: 19$
65 & Up: 17$

We also offer a military discount. Check out our Gator Ranch Tours page for more information.

 In the late 1950s, the wild alligator population dropped to unacceptably low numbers of about 150,000. So the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries created the Louisiana Alligator Conservation Program.

This program allows Ranchers to harvest eggs out of the marsh, with the understanding that 17% of those hatched must be returned to the marsh once they reach an average size. The program’s continued success has so dramatically increased the population that, through the years, the alligator return rate has been reduced substantially. Learn more about the Alligator Conservation Program here.